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Special measures for staff of the University of Porto

Following the latest decisions by the Council of Ministers (on March, 12) and Minister for Modernization of the State and Public Administration, the Minister for Labor, Solidarity and Social Security and the Minister for Health (Order No. 2836- A / 2020 of March 2), the University of Porto, under its Contingency Plan, adopts, from now on, new prevention and containment measures for COVID-19.

Today was decided by the Rector of the University of Porto, in an order with immediate effect:

  1. the suspension of face-to-face service to the public, except in urgent situations or by scheduling an appointment, prioritizing the service by telephone and e-mail;
  2. the implementation of remote working mode when it’s possible. All teaching and non-teaching staff should keep available in the daily work period.
  3. as mentioned, “the directors of the constitutive entities define the applicability and the scope of these measures for the respective entities, namely which workers should keep face-to-face work, or on a rotation basis, to guarantee the services. They should also establish a plan for the eventual adaptation to the minimum services described in the Contingency Plan. ”

The measures now adopted may be revised at any time, namely after the publication of the law that will detail the measures to be adopted.

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