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Classes suspended at the University of Porto

The University of Porto has always guided its procedures regarding the COVID-19 epidemic by the recommendations and determinations of local and national health authorities.

However, in view of the rapid escalation of the situation and given the growing doubt and social alarm that prevents the normal continuation of school activities, it is determined:

– the suspension of all in situ teaching activities at the University of Porto, starting at March,12 2020 and for an indefinite period;

– the implementation by the faculties, on an urgent basis, of the distance learning as established in the Contingency Plan of the University of Porto;

– the closing of libraries and study rooms;

– the suspension of events and sporting and cultural activities at the University of Porto;

– the continued operation of the accommodation and food services of the Social Action Services of the University of Porto, in order to guarantee the indispensable support to the students and employees of the University of Porto.

According to the guidelines of the Contingency Plan for the University of Porto, the Task Force of the University of Porto for COVID-19 was consulted.

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