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Home support for people in isolation for Covid-19

The University of Porto is launching a new project named “Home Support – COVID19”.

This project aims to support the academic community – students, researchers, or staff – who are in isolation or quarantine or at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of many volunteers, the University of Porto can provide support on food and medicine delivery.

Support available for all the academic community

All the students, researchers, or staff in isolation can request for this support.

If you need support on food or medicine delivery, please use the following contacts mentioning the name, mobile phone, and address.

  • +351 962 114 512 / +351 220 408 210 (Maria Clara Martins);
  • +351 220 408 741 (Maria do Rosário Rebelo).

For everyone who lives in Residence Halls of the University of Porto, please use the contacts bellow:

You can be part of this project as a volunteer

To be part of this project you can register as a volunteer through the online forms. Complete it with all the informations about your availability.

You’ll receive guidelines from the coordinators of the University of Porto. Every delivery should follow the recommendations to stop the spread of the COVID-19. For example, it´s not allowed to enter the house or room and the items should be left at door.

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