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State of Calamity declared in Portugal

The Portuguese Government has declared the “State of Calamity” for all the Portuguese territory, with effects from today, the 15th of October, onwards, and which has introduced new rules and contention measures of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of these measures have a direct impact on the life and the activities of citizens and institutions, namely:

  • Limitation of gatherings to a maximum of five people in public spaces and other spaces of commercial and catering nature;
  • Prohibition of parties, playful and recreational activities in the academic context;
  • Recommendation of the use of a face mask or face shield in public spaces, as well as the use of the STAYAWAY COVID app (Note: these measures can become mandatory, in case there is the approval of the National Assembly);

These measures are imposed in a moment in which a continuous increase of the number of new COVID-19 cases in Portugal has been verified, with the Porto region being one of the places with a more accentuated growth in the last few days.

A rising number of positive cases is also being confirmed among the U.Porto academic community. Since the beginning of the academic year, 10 academic and administrative staff and 231 students have been registered with a positive test for COVID-19. This number also includes the 101 cases related to the outbreak among the mobility / Erasmus student community in the city of Porto.

Taking into account the evaluation by the Health Authorities, no outbreak has been reported as related to the performance of academic/school or research activities within the University of Porto, having their origin mostly related to social and familiar activities and get-togethers.

The tracking of positive cases and the the risk assessment in our academic community is being done in permanent collaboration between the U.Porto Task-Force for the COVID-19 and the local Health Authorities. As so, all the measures are being adopted in a preventive way and according to the health authorities’ recommendations.

In this sense, we reinforce among our academic community that all the confirmed cases must be communicated to the Task Force, as it happened in the last few days. The email for communication is

It is equally important to report to the Faculty Director and or the U.Porto Task Force any situation that is not following all the recommendations and safety norms in force at the University of Porto.

We also remind that the members of the academic community who are in house isolation following the indication of the health authorities (either because of a positive test or for prophylactic reasons) and need house support, the University of Porto has a network of volunteers who can deliver essential goods.

We’d like to remind you that you can also use the Psychological Support Line (LAPUP), available from Sunday to Friday, from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm, through the telephone number (+351) 220 408 408. This support is provided by a team of psychologists and is available in different languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Lastly, we reinforce that, in case of symptoms (even if mild), or close and unprotected contact with a person infected, do not go to your study/workplace and contact the SNS24 Hotline (808 24 24 24) to determine the procedures to follow according to the national protocol.

Remember that keeping each other safe is everyone’s responsibility.

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